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Applying will not impact your credit score.1

*This business loan calculator assumes a monthly interest rate of 3.3% and a 2% draw fee. Your interest rate and credit limit may vary based on your application. No draw fee in CO, GA, IN, NJ and OK.

Headway Capital Business Loans

At Headway Capital, we believe you can accomplish great things with the right support and are proud to help hardworking business owners like you accomplish your goals. We do this by offering a business line of credit with no hidden fees.

Credit Line

Up to

Loan Type

Business line of credit

Repayment Term

12, 18 or 24 months

No Hidden Fees

See our Rates & Terms for details

Payment Frequency

Weekly or monthly

Clear Cost

Clear payment terms, interest does not compound, no penalty for early payoff

How Our Business Loans Work

1. Apply in Minutes

Fill out our quick online application in minutes to check eligibility for a line of credit up to $100,000. We'll ask for information like your time in business, annual gross revenue and purpose for funds. We take a holistic view of your business and evaluate your application differently than a bank would.

2. Review & Accept Your Offer

If eligible, you'll receive an instant prequalified offer to review and select your desired repayment term and initial draw amount. Once you've signed the contract, you will be asked to supply three recent months of business bank statements for additional underwriting purposes.

3. Draw Funds

Once approved, the initial draw amount will be deposited into the business's bank account, and you can draw funds up to your available credit limit right away. Because your funds are revolving, that money becomes available to draw again as you repay your outstanding principal balance. Each time you draw additional funds, you will select a new repayment term, and your entire outstanding balance will be re-amortized so you're only paying interest on funds drawn.

Business Loan Qualifications

Time in Business

You must have been in business for at least one year.

Annual Revenue

Your business must have a revenue of $50,000 or greater.

Business Location

Check our Rates & Terms to see if we serve your state.

Different Types of Business Loans

SBA Loans

Loans guaranteed by The Small Business Association often come with lower interest rates and longer-term repayment plans. In order to qualify for an SBA loan, your business must meet the eligibility requirements of both the SBA and the lender you're applying with.

Merchant Cash Advance

An MCA typically provides rapid financing without requiring a strong business credit history. In exchange for a portion of your business's future credit card sales, the lender gives you a lump-sum deposit. You pay back the loan with daily or weekly payments taken out of your total credit card sales.

Term Loans

Term loans are what you usually think of when picturing a typical "loan." You receive a set amount of funds with a fixed interest rate from a lender, which you pay back over a set amount of time. Depending on the length of the repayment period, term loans are often categorized as short- or long-term.

Invoice Factoring

You can use invoice factoring to turn yet-to-be-paid invoices into liquid cash. You sell any unpaid invoices to a factoring company, and you get a cash advance of that total amount. The factoring company recoups that amount, plus interest fees, when your customers pay those outstanding bills.

Business Lines of Credit

A line of credit typically provides revolving access to credit. The main advantage is that you only have to apply once for funds. For example, with Headway Capital's True Line of Credit, you can draw funds whenever you need, up to your credit limit, and only pay interest on what you borrow each time.

Common Questions About Headway Capital Business Loans

How will my application be evaluated?

We understand that your credit score isn't necessarily representative of the health of your small business. That's why we take a holistic view of your business, evaluating your application differently than a bank would. We incorporate a variety of factors into our decision model to determine your eligibility and credit limit.

What are the rates and terms?

The interest rate and credit limit you are awarded may vary based on the information provided in your application. Interest does not compound and there is no annual or monthly service fee. You can repay your outstanding balance at any time without incurring any additional fee. Check out our Rates & Terms for all the details.

How Can You Use a Small Business Loan?


Stock up on products before your business's busy season or order discounted bulk purchases.

Cash Flow

Use a small business loan to maintain cash flow, helping to keep your business running smoothly.


Cover the cost of repairs or fund the purchase of vital machinery.

Hiring Staff

If business picks up and you're short-staffed, use your working capital to bring on part-time workers.


Draw on additional capital for funding marketing campaigns that will boost business.

1We always do a soft inquiry unless your credit file is restricted, in which case we would ask you to contact the credit bureau to lift the restriction. Doing so may result in a hard pull.