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Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant cash advances are forms of small business financing in which a lump-sum payment is given to a business in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of future sales. While these merchant cash advances can be fast and easy to qualify for, they tend to come with high payments and contingencies that the purchaser will require you to follow. Different types of small business financing are better for different types of merchants. Merchant cash advances are generally best for business owners with lower credit, because credit scores are not as important as sales projections when determining eligibility.

Get Funded with Headway Capital

If you’re interested in acquiring small business loans that allows you the freedom to operate your business the way you see fit, then you may want to consider a flexible line of credit from Headway Capital. A business line of credit is a good option for small businesses that experience ups and downs. Many seasonal retail business that thrive in the summer months rely on lines of credit to offset the lack of steady revenue during the “off” months. A line of credit can give them access to funds to continue paying their bills on time. It also gives them credit to purchase inventory or hire additional staff, if needed, so they can be ready when peak season begins again. When that time comes, they’ll be in a position to comfortably pay off their balance.

Headway Capital offers a business line of credit up to $35,000, and if approved, you can access your line of credit whenever you want through your online account, with the requested money delivered to your bank account by the next business day. This way you can borrow the amount you need (up to your credit limit) when you need it, and build your business at your own pace.

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    Apply online for a credit limit of up to $35,000. When we evaluate your application, we consider more than just your credit score.

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    You borrow through your online account. You can draw money as often as you like, up to your available credit limit, with funding by the next business day.

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    You choose from several flexible repayment options. As you repay your outstanding principal, that money becomes available for you to draw again.

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