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Why Choose Alternative Business Funding?

Traditional loans may not be the ideal funding option for small businesses for a variety of reasons:

Stringent qualifications Stringent Qualifications

Bank loans tend to have lower interest rates and longer repayment terms than other loans. However, they have strict qualification criteria that can be difficult for small businesses to meet.

Slow funding Slow Funding

When an unexpected expense arises, you don’t have weeks to wait for funds. Traditional bank loans can leave your small business teetering on the edge while you wait days, weeks or even months for financing to come through.

One-time financing One-Time Financing

Some businesses need 24/7 access to working capital. With traditional loans, that means you must apply again every time you need funds. It can be a time-waster and potentially impact profits and growth.

Different Types of Alternative Business Loans

If a bank loan isn’t a viable option for your business, there are multiple kinds of alternative business loans you can turn to. The exact type of alternative loan can vary, but they all tend to have easy online applications, fast funding and greater likelihood of approval.

Line of Credit
A business line of credit is similar to a business credit card and gives your business constant access to working capital. You can draw funds, up to your available credit limit, whenever you need. As you pay down your balance, those funds again become available to draw.
Term Loans From Private Lenders
Term loans from private business lenders are similar in structure to traditional bank loans — the difference is that they’re coming from a private lender, usually online, and not a bank. A term loan gives you a lump sum of cash up front and typically has a set annual percentage rate and repayment term.
Invoice Factoring
For companies that bill larger invoices and have to wait for payment from clients, invoice factoring is a way to receive the funds due before the client pays. A lender will, in effect, purchase those invoices for a fee and forward the capital to the company.
Peer-to-Peer Lending
A peer-to-peer lender is an entity that will match your business with a private lender to meet your financial needs. Since P2P lending is only a service, the exact type of alternative business loan you apply for may vary. Examples include lines of credit, long-term loans, invoice factoring and merchant cash advances.

Headway Capital Offers Flexible Financing

Alternative business financing is a smart choice for any small business looking to cover business funding from day-to-day costs to expansion. If you’re a small business owner looking for alternative business funding, Headway Capital may be able to help. Our true line of credit has all the hallmarks of alternative business financing: a quick application, fast funding (as soon as the next business day) and a higher likelihood of approval due to our eligibility determination method.

Apply in minutes to see if you qualify, and start propelling your business towards success today.

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