Best & Worst Times to Post on Social Media

Prime Time to Share on Social Media

84 percent of business owners use social media to access their customers across multiple touch points. As a business owner, if you are putting effort into social media marketing, don’t you want to post at the best times possible? 71 percent of active social media […]

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Holiday Marketing Tips

10 Ways to Boost Business this Holiday Season

The holidays are rapidly approaching and for business owners, there are opportunities for increased profit and exposure everywhere. Whether your business has a storefront or operates an online retail store, effective, timely marketing during the holiday season can boost your sales. Before the holidays are […]

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The Benefit of Offering Snacks in the Workplace

Should You Provide Snacks For Employees?

Office snacks are one of – if not the most popular – incentives a small business owner can provide. Not only do your employees appreciate beverages and food throughout the day, your small business can benefit from this perk in the following ways:1 Increased productivity […]

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6 Ways to Keep Employees Happy

How to Keep Your Employees Happy

There are many different approaches business owners can take to keep their employees happy. Keeping the break room stocked with snacks, providing stock options, planning company outings – there are many incentives you can offer those who work for you. As a small business owner, […]

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A Guide to Email Marketing

How to Email Effectively

There are several methods you can employ to market to your customers. If you are not using email marketing to share company news, promotions and products – you are seriously missing out. Rather than focusing on direct mail marketing, many businesses are gravitating toward email […]

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Fastest Growing Small Businesses

5 Emerging Small Business Industries

Are you an entrepreneur who is considering starting a new business venture? While starting a new small business is risky, there are definitely methods you can follow and research you can conduct to ensure your best chance for success. Across the country, there are multiple […]

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Top 5 Hubs of Freelancers for Hire

Where to Hire Creative Freelancers

Now that your business is off the ground and you are considering hiring employees, freelancers might be your best option. These creative individuals can assist your business with content writing, graphic design and marketing your unique products at the drop of a hat. Hiring freelancers […]

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85% of customers have a more positive image of businesses that support a cause they care about.

Why Small Businesses Should Give Back

In 2013, total giving was more than $335 billion.1 Supporting local charities and nonprofits is not only important to the economy, it is also important to your customers. All businesses, both big and small, have a responsibility to get involved with their local communities. A […]

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Business Owners Building Relationships

How to Develop Relationships With Other Small Businesses

Building a successful business has a lot to do with creating successful relationships between employees, clients and other businesses. Making meaningful connections with businesses that are direct competitors or in similar fields can pay off ten-fold in the end. The first step towards achieving mutually […]

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