How to Give Your Business a Boost

Marketing During the Slow Season

Is your business in a slow-season slump? Don’t let the off-season get you down! Rather than waiting for business to pick up, use your valuable time to ramp up your marketing efforts. In order to keep your company thriving and the revenue coming in, you […]

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How to Get Ahead in 2015

Preparation Checklist for 2015

After the holiday rush, it can be difficult for small business owners to sit down and begin preparing for the end of 2014 and the promising start of 2015. However, as entrepreneurs, you should take advantage of the first quarter and the presumably slow season […]

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How to Research Your Market

Grow Your Business with Market Research

Finding new ways to grow your small business can be a daunting task. While there are myriad sites offering foolproof methods for growth, knowing which techniques to employ can be tricky. However, one tried and tested way to learn more about your customers and the […]

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Staying Healthy in the Office

How to Avoid Getting Sick in the Workplace

Not only is it the beginning of winter, it is also the arrival of cold and flu season. You may have noticed that more people in your office are coughing, sneezing and possibly even taking sick days. Avoiding getting sick at work is difficult when […]

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Small Business Resolutions for 2015

New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners

A new year and a fresh start for your business is just days away. Every January, 45 percent of American adults make at least one resolution to better themselves or their lifestyle.1 This upcoming 2015, instead of vowing to lose weight or eat better, make […]

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Mobile Wallet: What’s The Difference in Apps?

Paying for items with a debit or credit card is so 2013. Purchasing items with your smartphone is the future of paying on the go and is only one tap away. This technology can be attributed to Apple and Google and their virtual wallet services: […]

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5 Customer Service Tips

How to Provide Excellent Customer Service

Improving the customer service experience is continually a top priority for small business owners. Do you know how to provide your customers with the best service? There is always room for improvement and tips for efficiency. Here are five ways to improve: Invest in Training1 […]

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Wholesale Supplier Guide

How to Find a Wholesale Supplier

If you own and operate a retail service or business, you may need to build a relationship with a wholesale supplier at some point. There is no shortage of wholesale suppliers in the United States. There are currently 300,000 companies in this industry.1 If you […]

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How to Use Power Words

Using Power Words to Sell

Business owners, both new and old, should learn how to influence emotions in customers through the use of language. Certain words can persuade actions or boost response and conversion rates. These words are known as power words. When it comes to sales, using the appropriate […]

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