85% of customers have a more positive image of businesses that support a cause they care about.

Why Small Businesses Should Give Back

In 2013, total giving was more than $335 billion.1 Supporting local charities and nonprofits is not only important to the economy, it is also important to your customers. All businesses, both big and small, have a responsibility to get involved with their local communities. A […]

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Business Owners Building Relationships

How to Develop Relationships With Other Small Businesses

Building a successful business has a lot to do with creating successful relationships between employees, clients and other businesses. Making meaningful connections with businesses that are direct competitors or in similar fields can pay off ten-fold in the end. The first step towards achieving mutually […]

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Your Guide to E-commerce Shopping Carts

Cybersecurity Series: E-commerce Shopping Carts

From back-end to front-end, floor to ceiling, you spend time thinking about the different facets of your business. When considering how your business interacts with your customers, one of your main thoughts should be: “If I get to the point where my business is growing […]

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What Is the Right Credit Card Processor for You?

Choosing a Credit Card Processor

Accepting credit cards from your customers opens up a whole new world of flexibility and options for your business. As cash is slowly making its way out and plastic is quickly taking its place, choosing a credit card processor should be high on your priority […]

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8 Famous Family Businesses

Well-Known Family Businesses

You may not know it, but family-owned businesses are a huge part of the American economy — they account for about 35 percent of Fortune 500 companies.1 Owning any business requires a great deal of planning and, if family is involved, many special considerations. Are […]

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Creating a Buzz About Your Business

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Even when you have a great business with outstanding products and services, getting the word out is likely your most difficult ongoing project. Using tactics like social media campaigns and maintaining a pristine website are vital to increasing brand awareness and word-of-mouth marketing. Now how […]

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Health Insurance for your business

How to Shop for Health Insurance

No one ever plans to become ill, get injured at work, or wake up to a child with an ailment. However, because these events occur at untimely moments, offering health insurance for your employees is crucial. Acquiring health insurance can help you recruit and retain […]

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Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Ninety percent of American adults own a cell phone and 58 percent own a smartphone.1 With over 1.2 billion people accessing the Internet from their mobile devices,2 optimizing your business’s website for mobile is more crucial than ever. A mobile-optimized website is designed specifically for […]

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