What Is the Right Credit Card Processor for You?

Choosing a Credit Card Processor

Accepting credit cards from your customers opens up a whole new world of flexibility and options for your business. As cash is slowly making its way out and plastic is quickly taking its place, choosing a credit card processor should be high on your priority […]

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8 Famous Family Businesses

Well-Known Family Businesses

You may not know it, but family-owned businesses are a huge part of the American economy — they account for about 35 percent of Fortune 500 companies.1 Owning any business requires a great deal of planning and, if family is involved, many special considerations. Are […]

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Creating a Buzz About Your Business

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Even when you have a great business with outstanding products and services, getting the word out is likely your most difficult ongoing project. Using tactics like social media campaigns and maintaining a pristine website are vital to increasing brand awareness and word-of-mouth marketing. Now how […]

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Health Insurance for your business

How to Shop for Health Insurance

No one ever plans to become ill, get injured at work, or wake up to a child with an ailment. However, because these events occur at untimely moments, offering health insurance for your employees is crucial. Acquiring health insurance can help you recruit and retain […]

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Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Ninety percent of American adults own a cell phone and 58 percent own a smartphone.1 With over 1.2 billion people accessing the Internet from their mobile devices,2 optimizing your business’s website for mobile is more crucial than ever. A mobile-optimized website is designed specifically for […]

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How to Conduct an Employee Review

For business owners, providing employees with consistent feedback can improve the overall business and company culture. One solution to increase communication and overall productivity is through employee reviews. Employee reviews or “performance reviews” are typically held annually and are meant to give your employee an […]

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Making Money Off Social Media

How to Monetize Social Media

Creating long-term relationships with customers takes time, and even some trial and error. For business owners who are not social media savvy, using online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube to form those relationships may seem like a waste of time and resources. But […]

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Top cities for small businesses

Top Cities for Small Businesses

Starting a new small business is a big deal. There are so many factors to weigh, like providing your customers with the best products, securing investors, and hunting down the perfect location. If you are opening a small business and searching for the prime place […]

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eco-friendly business tips

How To Be a Green Business

No matter what products or services your business offers, it is important to stand out from your competition. One way to separate your business from the pack is by going green. By becoming more eco-conscious and marketing your business as such, you’ll find opportunities to […]

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