10 Ways to Boost Business this Holiday Season

The holidays are rapidly approaching and for business owners, there are opportunities for increased profit and exposure everywhere. Whether your business has a storefront or operates an online retail store, effective, timely marketing during the holiday season can boost your sales. Before the holidays are in full swing, here are 10 tips and ideas to add to your seasonal marketing approach:

1. Email Campaign

If you have been obtaining email addresses from your customers, the holidays can be a good time to utilize that email list. Send out a message to your customers as early as possible about the sales you will be having and what your featured products will be. This will give them time to plan and purchase!

 2. Direct Mail

Some people still prefer physical mail. If you know your customers prefer this method or are not active online, make use of direct mail postcards or a gift catalog. Remember to make your piece stand out from the crowd!

 3. Limited-Time Offers

Create limited-time offers to encourage customers to buy immediately. By instilling a sense of urgency into your customers, your products may sell faster.

4. Shipping

Clearly state shipping deadlines on emails and on your website to encourage speedy purchases. Another way to create urgency is to remind customers that they can buy your products whenever they want, but they may not receive until dates as specified.

5. Black Friday

Host a “Black Friday” sale in-store and on your online store. To separate your business from other businesses, choose a Friday other than the traditional “Black Friday” to host your sale.

6. Social Media

Take advantage of your social media channels to promote an online sale. Share coupon codes and promote the specific products that will be on sale.

7. Sidewalk Sale

Meet with other local business owners to host a joint sale on a weekend! A sidewalk sale, if the weather permits or a joint online sale with other local retailers.

8. Charity

Choose a charity to become involved with and invite your customers to participate as well. Offer your customers a discount or gift card when they donate time or money.1

9. Last Minute Sale

Last minute shoppers! Remind them via email, social media, or in your store that although they may have missed the shipping deadline, gift cards and certificates are always available.

10. Displays

Display your products in storefronts, craft fairs and on various online marketplaces. This is a great way to get to know other local businesses and business owners, and to expand your market.



1 Lesonsky, R. (7 October 2014). 33 creative ideas for small business holiday marketing. Retrieved October 22, 2014 from http://www.sba.gov/blogs/33-creative-ideas-small-business-holiday-marketing

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