Monthly Challenge: 4 Effective Email Marketing Practices

Email marketing is a strong marketing tool when used effectively. Not only is it low- to no-cost, it’s also an easy way to connect with customers on a regular basis and has proven to be more effective than other marketing methods. However, because of its simplicity, email marketing is often abused, and certain strategies can even backfire if not executed correctly.

We’ve gathered a list of some of the biggest email blunders to avoid, what strategies to use to truly engage your customer base and what content drives the best response.



Mistake: Believing Your Emails Are Perfect the Way They Are

When you initiate your email campaign, you may see a great response right away. This can give the false impression that your emails are perfect from the start and there is no reason to update them. Starting something from nothing will guarantee some sort of improvement, but that doesn’t necessary translate into a flawless marketing strategy.


Did you know… Hostelworld improved its click through rate by 280 percent by A/B testing their emails.1


Solution: A/B test your emails.

Test your emails against each other on a regular basis to make sure you are always improving the customer’s experience (and hopefully their response rate). Testing provides the opportunity to understand what motivates them, what layouts they prefer to engage with, what subject matter appeals to them most and more. Use an email marketing tool to test your emails and view statistics related to open rates, interaction and more.



Mistake: Sending Your Emails at the Wrong Interval

If your customers respond positively to emails, more emails will garner even greater responses, right? Too many emails can be less effective because customers will choose to ignore them knowing another is probably on its way. They may even unsubscribe completely if they find your emails annoying. On the other hand, emailing too infrequently may disconnect you from the customer, as you are no longer top of mind when it comes time to make a purchase.


Did you know… 61 percent of consumers like to receive promotional emails on a weekly basis.2


Solution: Test for frequency.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an exact rule for send frequency. It’s unique to every business and therefore must be tested. There are a few methods you can try — research to find the one that fits best for your business.



Mistake: Keeping Your Email Campaign Independent of Other Marketing Efforts

If you don’t sync up all your marketing efforts, you are missing an opportunity to build up your brand and resonate with customers. Integrating all marketing points will help ensure your customer feels connected to your business and knows your brand is accessible through whichever platform they prefer.


Did you know… Emails that include social prompts have a click through rate that’s 115 percent higher than those that don’t.1


Solution: Use social media marketing to bolster up your email marketing and vice versa.

Sync up your social media and email calendars to better support one another. Don’t do the same work twice, but rather use complementary content to engage all your customers, no matter what platform they prefer. You can use social posts to promote (and hopefully increase) your mailing lists. The opportunities are endless — search for one that best aligns with your brand.



Mistake: Using Your Emails Only for Promotional Updates

Email is unique among marketing tactics in that it is delivered directly to your customers. It’s not a passive find like a billboard, newspaper ad or post in their newsfeed. If you are only using email to share coupons and sales with your customers, you aren’t leveraging all the power you have through this uninterrupted relationship.


Did you know… About 72 percent of consumers prefer email as their source of business communication.1


Solution: Diversify your email send to benefit your business.

This direct connection opens up a lot of possibilities beyond just a coupon send or a promotional update. Use email to share news about your store like holiday hour updates or changes to products or policies that improve the customer experience. You can even reach out with a brief survey to get the pulse of your customer base. Positive or negative, the feedback you receive can be used to improve your business.





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