excel guide

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Excel

Microsoft Excel has been a cornerstone application for businesses since it landed in 1985. For some small business owners, it is a necessary evil – but for others, it’s the Swiss army knife of software, capable of being far more useful than it looks on […]

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small business linkedIn

A Small Business Guide to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the definitive social media platform for the professional community. But while 30 million companies have LinkedIn profiles, many small business owners continue to resist or delay signing up. Who needs another social media network, right? Especially one targeted for use during work hours! […]

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5 Ways to Attract Top Performers to Your Small Business

How to Attract Top Talent When You Can’t Pay a Lot

Regardless of the state of the economy, employees in especially competitive fields can be more selective when it comes to securing a new position. Small business owners face the challenging dilemma of attracting and retaining top talent without the ability to offer higher salaries. Without […]

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delegating work

How to Get Better at Delegating

Business leadership isn’t about doing more than everyone else: A talented manager is one who can build a team that they are comfortable delegating work to. This ensures that the workload is fairly distributed and everyone can work to their full potential. In fact, CEOs […]

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Productivity tips

8 Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Work from Home

A recent study found that 67 percent of entrepreneurs eliminate their commute to get more work done and improve productivity. But of those surveyed, only five percent said higher productivity is the biggest benefit of working at home. Instead, the entrepreneurs noted that a flexible […]

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Business credit

Key Factors Lenders Use to Measure Business Credit

When entrepreneurs go looking for financing, they have multiple options. For example, they could seek out an angel investor, get a credit card, pledge their future earnings, set up a Kickstarter campaign, tap into their 401(k) or ask their family members for a loan during […]

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