7 Ways to Drastically Cut Your Small Business Expenses

How Small Businesses Can Cut Costs and Avoid Layoffs

If your business is struggling, you might need to take drastic measures to turn the ship around and improve your bottom line. But how can you cut costs when your biggest expense is paying your staff? Layoffs are typically one of the last-resort efforts to […]

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5 Legal Considerations to Protect Your Employees

Legal Considerations to Keep Small Businesses Safe

Operating a small business legally and safely requires a good amount of research and proactive planning, but the pandemic has made this responsibility much more serious and urgent. With rapidly changing laws, guidelines and recommendations, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on the latest information to […]

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Customizable Small Business Communication Templates

Communication Templates for Small Business Owners

The always-available mentality that enables us to connect with each other around the world has a particular effect on small businesses: Consumers expect you to respond with urgency. Advancements in technology and communication continue to close that window of time. For smaller operations with very […]

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Common Coronavirus Scams to Avoid

Coronavirus Small Business Scams: How to Protect Yourself

While we take action through social distancing to protect ourselves, our employees and our communities against the spread of the coronavirus, there are less-than-scrupulous people out there taking advantage of our anxieties. The Better Business Bureau has reported an increase in scams involving small business […]

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5 Inventory Management Tips for Small Businesses with Low Budgets

How to Manage Your Inventory on a Tight Budget

Small business inventory management isn’t always easy, even under perfect circumstances. When you include variables like economic unpredictability and low sales, shifting demands or supply shortages, things become much more complicated. Although you’d like to keep all your shelves stocked, it’s not always practical or […]

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