The Finances of 7 Famous Companies, Visualized

For most consumer-facing companies, profit is a product of two factors: revenue and expenses. Revenue is the income generated by the sale or rental of a company’s goods and services, as well as income earned through investment. Expenses generally include the cost of goods sold […]

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Productivity tips

8 Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Work from Home

A recent study found that 67 percent of entrepreneurs eliminate their commute to get more work done and improve productivity. But of those surveyed, only five percent said higher productivity is the biggest benefit of working at home. Instead, the entrepreneurs noted that a flexible […]

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Female business leaders

Inspiring Women Business Leaders You Should Know

More and more women are founding businesses and leading organizations the world over —  here are 4 women from a lengthy list of female entrepreneurs and leaders that we find particularly inspiring.   Indra Nooyi Indra Nooyi served as the CEO of PepsiCo, the second […]

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sustainable small business

Small Business Sustainability Plan in 4 Steps

Have you ever considered the environmental impact your business has on the world around you? In the last decade, there’s been a big spotlight on how we consume energy and how to manage environmental challenges. As a small business owner, you may think integrating eco-friendly […]

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Office Cliches header

Office Cliches: An Illustrated Guide

We’ve all encountered office speak that crops up a bit too often and doesn’t make much sense. In fact, that’s precisely what makes it so humorous. With these literal illustrations, we guarantee you’ll see these old office clichés in a brand new light. Low-hanging fruit […]

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luxury lighting

Customer Spotlight: Dana Clarke

Dana Clarke, Managing Partner at Luxury Lighting, knows that customization is important to customers. Luxury Lighting creates unique interior and exterior lighting schemes that have kept customers coming back. Their one-of-a-kind aesthetic has been honed over 20 years in both high-end commercial spaces and residential […]

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