Barbara Davidson

Babs is a content writer at Enova International, Inc. with a Bachelors in Cinema Studies and English from the University of Illinois (ILL-INI!). She loves binge watching musicals, reading in the (sporadic) Chicago sunshine and discovering great new places to eat. Accio, tacos! Find out more about her on Google+.

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Mobile Marketing Tips

For years, marketers were told that the number of global mobile device users would eventually surpass desktop. In 2014, that prediction came true and changed the face of marketing forever. 80% of Internet users own a smartphone.1 There isn’t a question of whether or not mobile marketing is valuable anymore — the data says it all.

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7 Business Books Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read

As a small business owner, you’ve committed substantial time and effort into the prosperity of your business. What about your own professional growth as an entrepreneur? Investing in yourself is just as lucrative to your success as an investment in your business. Take some time […]

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Big Business Ideas That Work for Small Businesses

Big or small, all businesses need growth strategies. If you want to grow your small business into a big business, you need to think big. Even if you prefer to stay small, there are big-business-based ideas that can translate into growth strategies for small businesses.

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Business Travel Tips for Before, During and After Your Trip

Domestic business travel costs businesses approximately $112 billion annually.1 For some businesses it’s a necessity, while others use it to build client relationships. Traveling for business gives you the opportunity to expand your business, meet your peers and get to know a new city! It’s no wonder businesses choose to conduct business on the road.

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8 Marketing Mistakes New Businesses Make

Small business owners have a lot of hats to wear: salesman, business strategist, customer service rep, general manager, technology support, accountant, marketing master and more. With only so many hours in a week to juggle it all, corners get cut and left behind. It’s one of the reasons why starting a business can be so challenging. No matter how many hats you wear, the responsibilities of each role are crucial to the overall success of your business, with little room for error.

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online reviews

How to Maximize Review Sites for Your Business

In the Internet age, online reviews can make or break your business. Consumers aren’t limited to friends’ recommendations or co-workers’ connections; they can consult millions of opinions with a click of a button through online review sites. As a result, advertising for your business is no longer solely in your hands as the business owner. Customers now have a say in who trusts your company, regardless of the message you put out on print ads, social or other marketing mediums.

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