5 Mobile Marketing Tips


Marketing for MobileThere are currently 182.6 million smartphone users in the United States. That means over half of your customers are looking at both your website or online store on their mobile device. So the question becomes: How do we better market to our smartphone users?

Mobile Marketing Tips

Infographic Roundup

Consumers are currently flocking to smartphones at a rapid rate and showing zero signs of slowing down. By next year, there may be as many as 197 million smartphone users in the United States!

1. Mobile-Friendly Website

Fact: 91% of small-business websites are not mobile optimized.

2. Responsive Design 

Fact: 30% of smartphone users will abandon a transaction if their shopping experience isn’t responsive.

3. Simplify Your Mobile Site 

Fact: 61% of customers have a higher opinion of brands when they are offered a good mobile experience.

4. Text Message Marketing 

Fact: Text messages have a 98% read rate.

5. Social Media 

Fact: The average consumer spends 127 minutes on social media applications a day and checks their smartphones 34 times a day!