Should You Provide Snacks For Employees?


The Benefit of Offering Snacks in the WorkplaceOffice snacks are one of – if not the most popular – incentives a small business owner can provide. Not only do your employees appreciate beverages and food throughout the day, your small business can benefit from this perk in the following ways:1

  • Increased productivity
  • Less sickness and absenteeism in the workplace
  • Better teamwork and camaraderie amongst employees
  • Brand awareness

Survey About Allergies

Many people are allergic or sensitive to certain foods or beverages. Before you place your weekly order or go grocery shopping, survey your staff about any specific allergies or sensitivities. Around this time, you can also conduct an informal poll about what snacks your employees prefer and what to avoid purchasing.

Staple Snacks

Stocking up on snacks for your employees will keep your place of business moving along successfully. Offering fundamental snacks like coffee, tea and a variety of fruits will save your employees time and the expense of having to stop at a coffee shop on their way work.

Hydration Is Key

Provide your employees with drinking water, either filtered or bottled, to keep them hydrated throughout the day. Although some of your employees may prefer soda, encourage them to drink water and lay off the sugary beverages. If anything, order or buy sparkling water!

Be Original

Avoid the monotonous snacks – mix it up! Like we mentioned earlier, keeping some consistent snacks is a good move, but offering a new snack weekly is a great way to give your employees a small treat to look forward to. Seek out goods from local retailers. Support your fellow business owners and provide new snacks – it’s a win-win.

Keep It Fresh

Although it is tempting to offer your employees baked goods and candies, try to provide your employees with fresh and healthy items. When you consume too much sugar, you eventually crash. Instead, choose high protein, low sugar snacks like yogurt, cheese, or nuts. The last thing you need at your place of business is a sleepy employee!


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