Business Budget Calculator


It might seem obvious that proper budgeting is one of the keys to running a successfull business. But have you considered all the different expenses you might run across? Even a well-prepared budget can get off track when unexpected costs come up. Take a look at our budget calculator below to see if there are any areas of your business’s budget that you’re overlooking. And if you think you could use some extra capital, head to our loan calculator to see what you might qualify for!

Monthly Budget
Net revenue $
Personnel Expenses
Wages $
Benefits $
Commission $
Total personnel $
Operating Expenses
Inventory $
Sales expenses $
Shipping and storage $
Rent or mortgage $
Marketing and advertising $
Utilities $
Maintenance and repairs $
Debts $
Cash discounts $
Depreciation $
Interest $
Taxes $
Delivery costs $
Postage $
Insurance $
Legal and auditing $
Dues and subscriptions $
Office supplies $
Telephone and internet $
Company website $
Other $
Total operating $
Net revenue $
Total expenses $
Balance $
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