Are You a Good Boss?


Knowing where you stand as a boss isn’t always easy. If you’re managing your own business, or running a remote franchise of a bigger concern, you probably don’t have regular, formal assessments that can help you improve your game, and your team’s results. And by regular we don’t mean an occasional shadow or test, but real daily insight into your people skills and the network of relationships within the team. Whether you experience such appraisals or not, it doesn’t hurt to run through an objective checklist now and again to ensure your habits are good and you’re doing all you can to improve the performance of your team.

From being a good listener to offering positive feedback to employees who fear they’re struggling, there are a host of positive attributes to distinguish the truly great boss from the mediocre. However, such attributes are not innate, and require continuous effort and development. If you find yourself longing for an easy life and reluctant to push yourself or your staff to improve, chances are you’re in the wrong job or the wrong role.

Research has shown that 33% of projects fail due to lack of involvement from senior management, though a simple statistic cannot convey the complexity behind such a role. A good boss not only takes time to identify, and regularly review his team’s objectives, but to ensure that the team also know the goals and the reasoning behind the work they’re doing. A good boss inspires and motivates his team to strive for excellence, but knows when to step back and let them excel in their own areas of expertise and responsibility. To become a good boss requires confronting your own fears, encouraging feedback and facilitating mechanisms for this feedback to occur.

Your self-assessment can begin today, thanks to a new infographic that guides you through the process of identifying your positive and negative attributes as a boss. Check it out below, and then work through the fresh start guide to ensure you’re working in the right direction.



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