Using Twitter for Your Business


Twitter has 255 million monthly active users that send up to 500 million tweets per day.1 So if you are a business owner and are not active on
Twitter yet, we have to ask — why not? Twitter is a social networking platform where businesses are presented with the unique opportunity to
directly connect with their customers and receive feedback in real time.

Recent studies have revealed that small businesses that use social media, specifically Twitter, have seen improvements in their overall sales, customer
base and feedback.2 74 percent of small-business owners that have used Twitter as a marketing tool feel it’s worth the time they invest. 3

No matter what kind of business you operate, your customer base is likely already using Twitter. According to a survey conducted by Twitter and global
research firm Market Probe International, those who follow your business on Twitter are more likely to purchase products from you in the future. 2 Therefore, reaching out and connecting to those who are interested in your brand and product is monetarily beneficial.

Creating a Twitter account gives your business potential to increase brand awareness.4 By tweeting events, promotions and sales, you’re giving
your business a voice that your customers can relate to and identify with. Crafting a brand helps harbor a long-term relationship with your growing
customer base.

On Twitter, you also have the chance to monitor the conversation surrounding your brand. You are able to read what your customers think of your business,
products and customer service. This allows you the chance to engage in a dialogue directly with your consumers. Whether someone is tweeting about faults in
your business or singing your praises, you have the chance to converse with them about what’s on their mind. Connecting with your consumers will be
beneficial to building your overall relationship in the long run.

With social media becoming more popular, more than 80 percent of small-business owners plan to use it more.5 Twitter, when used efficiently, can
be a great way to generate new revenue and add value to your business.