Your Small Business Guide to Google Analytics


If you own a business, you should probably be using Google Analytics. It’s one of the most important tools you can have for understanding and making the most of your website.

In fact, estimates suggest that as many as 30 to 50 million websites use the free service, which simply requires a Google account to access. Once you see the wealth of information and insights at your fingertips, Analytics will quickly become your business’s online best friend.

How many people are visiting the site? What channel brings them there? Which pages are the most and least popular? How long do users stay on the site?  No matter what question you have about your website’s performance, it’s likely that Google Analytics has the answer. The new knowledge will allow you to tweak your website’s layout and content over time, ensuring it becomes a powerful and effective tool for reaching your business objectives.

Google Analytics can seem complicated and intimidating for a first time user. But with a solid foundation in the basics of Google Analytics, you’ll be able to progress to using its more advanced features as well. From setting goals to tracking conversions to generating reports, the possibilities it offers are almost endless.

There are myriad ways that Google Analytics can improve your business’s online performance. Use our guide to help you get started and find your way around, then start transforming your visitor data into tangible success for your business.

Your Small Business Guide to Google Analytics Infographic

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