Voice Over IP 101 for Small Businesses

A Small Business Guide to Voice Over IP

Today’s small businesses have an interesting relationship with technology. In the past, only enterprise- or corporate-sized entities were privy to the newest tech on the market, as they alone had the resources and budgets to make these considerable purchases. However, subscription-based platforms and wider tech […]

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Productivity tips

8 Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Work from Home

A recent study found that 67 percent of entrepreneurs eliminate their commute to get more work done and improve productivity. But of those surveyed, only five percent said higher productivity is the biggest benefit of working at home. Instead, the entrepreneurs noted that a flexible […]

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word of mouth marketing

Word of Mouth Techniques for Small Businesses

In marketing, positive word of mouth is the gold standard. In fact, according to a Nielsen survey on global trust in advertising, consumers rated “recommendations from people I know” as the most trusted form of advertising from among 19 marketing tactics, and a whopping 92 […]

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Female business leaders

Inspiring Women Business Leaders You Should Know

More and more women are founding businesses and leading organizations the world over —  here are 4 women from a lengthy list of female entrepreneurs and leaders that we find particularly inspiring.   Indra Nooyi Indra Nooyi served as the CEO of PepsiCo, the second […]

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