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*This business loan calculator assumes a monthly interest rate of 3.3% and a 2% draw fee. Your interest rate and credit limit may vary based on your application. No draw fee in CO, GA, IN, NJ and OK.

When Is the Right Time for Emergency Business Loans?

Running a small business leaves little room for error when it comes to business finances. Any deviations from a solid business plan can quickly jeopardize a business’s financial security, and obtaining outside financing can be a business owner’s only means of staying fiscally viable. Emergency business funding can make a big difference in situations such as:

Seasonal dependency Seasonal Dependency

If your business’s revenue stream ebbs and flows depending on the season, having extra funds during slow periods can give you a sense of financial security.

Unexpected expenses Unexpected Expenses

Surprise expenses are not a matter of if, but when. Not having the funds to cover extra bills could be the difference between staying open or shutting the doors.

Uptick in demand Uptick in Demand

When customer demand goes up, so too does your need to meet that demand. You’ll need additional funds to purchase extra inventory and provide extra service or risk losing extra profits.

Choosing the Best Emergency Business Loan for Your Business

There are multiple types of emergency business loans to choose from, but your decision will largely depend on your credit history and whether or not you are currently receiving any other financing. Some of the more common emergency funding options are listed below:

Invoice Factoring
Invoice factoring is a way for businesses to receive money from outstanding invoices before the customer has actually paid. For businesses that need a constant supply of materials to cover multiple projects, such as the construction industry, having access to extra funds is necessary to maintain output and foster growth.
Bank Loan
Bank loans are a more traditional choice of lending and typically offer lower interest rates and longer terms compared to other funding options. However, bank loans have strict lending criteria, and newer businesses without an established profit history may not qualify for financing.
Line of Credit
A line of credit is a great option for small business owners seeking 24/7 access to working capital. Generally, lines of credit allow you to draw funds, up to your available credit limit whenever you need. As you pay down your balance, that credit again becomes available for you to draw from as needed.

Headway Capital True Line of Credit™

We designed our business line of credit with the small business owners in mind — it’s flexible, fast and transparent. You have the ability to choose either weekly or monthly payments, depending on what best fits your business model, and you never have to worry about waiting weeks for funds to come through. You’ll receive your requested funds as soon as the next business day. Plus, there are no hidden fees or terms — we provide you with all your loan information up front.

Apply today and you can experience the Headway Capital true line of credit for yourself.

1We always do a soft inquiry unless your credit file is restricted, in which case we would ask you to contact the credit bureau to lift the restriction. Doing so may result in a hard pull.