How To Write The Perfect Job Ad

Posted on 22nd Feb, 2017 by Barbara Davidson

Writing a job ad is an important responsibility. You want to reach as many potential applicants as possible and convince the best ones that it’s worth the effort to apply. How can you ensure your job ad will get the response your business needs?

With a few basic principles in place, writing your ad needn’t be a trial. For a start, keep your work count low. Neurologists reckon the internet has reduced the average attention span to around eight seconds — less than a goldfish! Keep your introduction to 40 words or less. If you catch the attention of your dream candidate, they can read the details further on.

Our new infographic breaks the whole process down into straightforward steps to make sure you don’t miss an important element. The time you spend perfecting your job ad will be reflected in the quality of employee you end up taking on.

Recruitment is hard work, but it’s also a time of great optimism. With a little craft, your job ad will help you meet up with the best new talent. Together, you can take your business to the next level.

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