4 Things to Know Before Applying for a Small Business Loan

Posted on 5th Apr, 2018 by Barbara Davidson

As a small business owner, obtaining your first business loan is a big step. Getting approved for a loan can be challenging if the lender isn’t confident in your ability to pay it back, and there are a few common mistakes many business owners make when applying for their first loan.

Here are four things you should know before you sit down to fill out your first business loan application.


Your Personal Credit Score Matters

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make when applying for a business loan is neglecting their personal credit score. Since your business credit score probably isn’t well-established, lenders will use your personal score to evaluate your track record of consistently meeting financial obligations. The Small Business Administration’s threshold is 650 for most applicants. Many other lenders might look for a credit score of 720 and higher before approving a small business loan.

You should be regularly monitoring your credit score to keep it healthy, even when you’re not thinking about applying for a loan.


You Must Identify a Clear Purpose for Your Loan

Lenders want to know exactly how you will use the money, which helps them determine the feasibility of your business loan application. Before applying for a loan, have a detailed loan proposal.

Your loan proposal should also include:

Some of the smartest ways to use a small business loan include purchasing new equipment or extra inventory when the price is right, hiring skilled help or carrying out a business expansion.


You Should Be Well Prepared to Answer Questions

If you want to be successful in getting a small business loan, you have to be prepared to provide detailed information and documents about your business. Depending on the size of your loan, the lender may also want to review your financial statements and accounting records. Before applying, it’s important to make sure you have all of your information in order. Here are some of the documents you should have prepared:


Do Your Research on Lenders to Find the Right Fit

Not all lenders and banks are created equal. Before applying for a small business loan, make sure you’re talking to the right lenders who are equipped to serve your unique business, industry and financial needs. A lending marketplace is an excellent place to start because you can access multiple lenders and loan products with just one application.

Here are some of the questions you should be asking potential lenders to find the right fit:

Getting a small business loan used to be a challenging process, but innovation in online lending has made the path much smoother for business owners to get access to working capital. Getting your personal credit score in check, having a defined purpose for your loan, organizing your financial statements and being prepared to both ask and answer questions before you apply will make the process that much easier.


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