Monthly Challenge: Security Solutions You Need for Your Small Business

Posted on 21st Nov, 2017 by Barbara Davidson

It seems like every year there’s a news story about a major retailer getting hacked and their customers’ personal data being compromised. Often these stories come around the holidays, but cyberattacks aren’t isolated to just the biggest shopping season or the goliaths of retail. In fact, small businesses (<1,000 employees) are much more likely to be targeted for cyberattacks and other security breaches than big businesses.1

With only two percent of business owners taking proactive measures to protect themselves and their customers, over 14 million U.S. businesses are susceptible to hacker threats.1 Don’t want to be one of them? Use one (or more) of these solutions to help improve your small business security.


Plan Your Path to Security 

If you’re just starting to put together your security plan for your small business, the Federal Communication Commission’s Small Business Cyber Planner is a fantastic place to start. Select the categories that apply to your business and generate a personalized plan that addresses all your areas of concern. Here is a list of the areas they address:


Find the Right Tools to Help

Once you have a better understanding of the type of security you need, it’s time to look for the tools that will help you accomplish your security goals. Whether it be monitoring services, malware protection or more, there are several options out there to cover your needs.


Increase Your Password Complexity

As an internet user, you’ve probably seen that many websites require passwords that are at least eight characters and include symbols, numbers and capital letters. In order to remember these complex combinations, many tend to use birth dates, spouse’s names or other personal information, but most cyber security agencies recommend using random passwords. Try password generator websites like that create totally random and secure passwords for you to use.

Tip: Keep track of all your diverse passwords with a plug-in like LastPass or an app like 1Password. Both systems will securely save all your random and hard-to-remember passwords with ease!

Your small business security plan is not just to protect you, your employees and your business — it’s about protecting your customers too. Protecting them also means safeguarding the reputation of your business and giving your customers a reason to choose you over your competitors. While it may seem like a big investment, your customers’ peace of mind is priceless. Take these steps to ensure they have it!




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