Podcasts for First-Time Managers

Posted on 24th Sep, 2018 by Barbara Davidson

When you start a small business, it may be because you want to be your own boss or you have a passion for a product or skill. Rarely, if ever, does an entrepreneur take on all the responsibilities of owning a business just for the opportunity to manage other people. So how does one navigate the challenges of not only running a business, but managing the people that run the business?

Think back to a time in your life when you were being managed by someone else. Chances are you remember the really great bosses (and the not-so-great bosses). When you think about their strengths and weaknesses, how did that affect your attitude and work ethic? It’s probably safe to say that a positive, supportive manager made you want to work harder, where a manager you clashed with smothered your motivation.

Overseeing your business is entirely different than educating, monitoring and mentoring your associates — it’s a soft social skill. So how do you build your knowledge? An easy, convenient and budget-friendly method is through podcasts! Available on the go, whether you’re on your way to work or taking a lunch break, take the time to tap into these great minds for smart managerial advice.


If you’re brand new to management or need a hard reset…

The First 90 Days as a New Manager/Supervisor from the Meisha Rouser Radio show is a great place to kick things off. Rouser, who holds a Doctorate in Leadership Studies and a certificate in life coaching, walks you through the shift from entrepreneur to manager, highlighting the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

If you have atypical staff…

Unsure of the best approach when your direct report is older than you? Or when their skillset on the matter is better developed than yours? Learn how to navigate the awkward areas from the best in the business. Harvard Business Review tackles how to be a likeable leader, despite unique roadblocks or feeling unprepared for the role.

If you want to learn from big names in business…

Training tips, developing company culture, managing introverts and extroverts — you’re covered! Loyola professor and management consultant Jill Geisler tackles every aspect of people management in almost 150 episodes of her podcast What Great Bosses Know. Pulling from personal experiences as well as experiences of major CEOs, you’ll be sure to tackle every concern you may have as a new manager.

If you want to avoid some of the most common pitfalls of new managers…

You could say Kevin Kruse, New York Times bestselling author and Inc 500 entrepreneur, knows a thing or two about making a good situation out of a bad mistake. In this episode of his podcast The LEADx Leadership show, Kruse discusses the most common mistakes of new managers and offers tips and tools to avoid (or remedy) them.


Starting up and managing your own small business is tough enough. Building and managing a successful staff is a whole other level of challenge — but don’t worry, you’ve got this! Take the time to work through these podcasts to develop your leadership skills in a free and easy way.

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