OK, Google: How to Optimize a Site for Voice Search

Posted on 10th Jan, 2019 by Barbara Davidson

Google voice search is changing the way users search for the information they need.

Nearly two-thirds of all smartphone users have used voice search to find local business information in the last 12 months. Over a quarter of desktop, laptop, and tablet users, too. The impact of voice search is changing the way Google handles search queries – and businesses need to ensure their websites are optimized to keep up.

The key to voice search is speed. Google knows that when someone asks for information out loud, they don’t want to wait around for the answer. Websites that load more quickly are rising up Google’s SEO rankings.

And the informality of voice search puts greater value on a conversational tone of writing. Consumers are asking questions in natural language, and they want brief, down-to-Earth responses such as those typically found on an FAQ page.

Voice search is still new, but it’s due to account for half of all online searches by the year 2020. We’ve taken a long look at the research that has been conducted on voice search so far and created a practical infographic on how to optimize a website for voice search right now.

Optimizing for search requires a business to be constantly ahead of the game. As voice queries take over the world of SEO, here are the keys to tomorrow’s world of search.



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