A Guide To Responding To Negative Staff Reviews On Glassdoor

Posted on 29th Jun, 2017 by Barbara Davidson

Glassdoor offers employees the chance to anonymously review their boss. This can be a great bottom-up way of sharing information and keeping standards high. Unfortunately, it means that some employers get given a rough ride even if it is undeserved. So what can you do to turn around a bad review your company has received?

Respond too defensively, and you risk looking like a tyrant and alienating your workforce. Ignore that bad review altogether, and you will make your business look bad. If you own the criticism with grace and positivity, it’s actually possible to come out of the experience looking better.

Getting it right is as much about what you don’t do as what you do. Personal reviews can be highly emotive. If you respond while you’re still reeling from the hurt, or you draw attention to a bad review by trying suppress or discredit it, you’re likely to come away looking like a bad boss.

Address the criticism point by point. Explain how you are resolving each issue and what you will do to prevent repeats. Even if you mostly get positive reviews, showing that you take time to deal with that rare unhappy colleague will reflect well on your business.

Our new infographic runs through the whole process of signing up to Glassdoor and managing reviews in ways that will get your reputation back on track.

Employees are always going to grumble about work. The fact that Glassdoor gives you the chance to reply is a great thing – so long as you use it wisely.

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