How to Create an Effective About Us Page

Posted on 28th Jun, 2017 by Barbara Davidson

Whether your company’s website is managed internally or externally, your “About” page is something you should have input into as the owner of your business. It’s the page that can tell your brand’s “story” like no other page can. Visitors who are checking out your company for the first time will almost invariably view this page to get a better understanding of your business. So, what should you put on this page? Check out these five ideas for some inspiration.


1.Tell Your Personal Story

If your company is a family business or tightly intertwined with yourself as a person, telling your family’s story or your personal story can be a major benefit to your business. Customers love to know that the people behind the small business are authentic to the business itself. If you consider your business to be a reflection of your hard work and personal values, don’t be afraid to show it! Feature it on your company’s “About Us” page.


2. Show Your Personality 

This idea can work hand-in-hand with our first idea, or it can be used independently to demonstrate the personality of your business/employees as a whole. Is there a certain quirk in your method of operations that makes your product or service stand out? Showcase it! Do you have a notable side hobby that may amplify the traits of your business? Revealing it to your customer base may endear them to you and your business.


3. Be Concise

Telling your brand story and/or the personal story behind your business can be effective for some small businesses, but for others, the bare minimum can be more “on brand.” If your company and website aesthetic is simple and to the point, just sticking to the basics of when and where the company was founded, by who, how you operate and what the mission of your company is. While this idea may not be one that stands out, it’s more a reminder that sometimes less can be more. If your brand’s personality is simple and minimalistic, keep it short.


4. Turn Your “About” Page Into a “Resources” Page

We get it. Talking about yourself or your company can be uncomfortable. So, why not let some of your other pages do the talking for you? All of the pages on your company’s website serve a larger role in helping your visitors learn about your business, so why not just bring the pages together into a site map type layout on your “About Us” page?


5. Get Visual

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and sometimes vector imagery or photographs can be better than words for communicating what your business is truly about. Use this page to showcase your employees and facilities. Or maybe a historical timeline would do a nice job of telling your brand’s story. Thinking visually about what your business is about can lead to a great idea.

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