Monthly Challenge: The Benefits to Being a Mindful Manager and How to Do It

Posted on 27th Apr, 2017 by Barbara Davidson

When you think of your mentor or a manager figure you respect, what are some of the traits that jump out? A critical thinker? Business-minded? Creative? A word that you may not have considered is mindful, though we bet that person harnesses that quality as well. Mindfulness, or the quality of being conscious or aware of something, is crucial to being an effective manager. Managers are responsible for their tasks, as well as the success of everyone underneath them on the flow chart. With so much going on and so many duties to manage, it can keep anyone from being as mindful as they’d like to be.

A mindful manager is vital to keeping the business running smoothly. If the head of the business isn’t conscious of all the goings-on, problems can arise and work flow can be hindered. In a world where we are bombarded by emails, to-do lists and notifications, it’s time we slowed down and took the time to focus on the tasks at hand. This may mean breaking out of your fast-paced life style and expanding your comfort zone. Read on and take the next steps to being a more mindful version of you!

Be Mindful of the Atmosphere

Be Mindful of Relationships


Be Mindful of Legacy

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